An all-in-one dashboard.

Ever ran into a situation where V TOP logged you out, right when someone asked you something important?

Research proves that an average student spends more than 22 hours a month unlocking VTOP to access some really important information.*

*Research completely based on unscientific inferences. But you get the point. 👍

Screenshot of the dashboard image

Dark Mode.

The only thing you need in 21st Century.

Get ready to have your eyes blinded by the awesomeness that is our brand new dark mode feature on our university website! Now you can strain your eyes even more while trying to study in the dimly lit library at 3 AM. Trust us, it's a game changer. You're welcome.

Take a look at satisfied customer reviews yourself.

"Wow, I just love logging into my university portal and being blinded by the bright white screen every single time. It's like a special little surprise every morning that never gets old. And don't even get me started on the fact that there's no dark mode option. I mean, who needs to save their eyes from unnecessary strain or protect their sleep cycle, right? I'm sure the lack of a simple feature like dark mode was a completely intentional decision by the portal designers. Keep up the great work, portal team. You're really nailing it with this one"

~ A completely satisfied student who tried to use vtopcc+ in dark mode.

*Totally not generated with ChatGPT3.

Enough talk. Show me the code.

vtopcc++ is Open Source. Now that's something.*

It uses Svelte for the frontend, making it extremely fast. Along with that, it uses a Express.js backend which proxies your requests to VTOP, converting it into a JSON response which is easily digestable by web browsers of the 21st Century. You know it, we know it. No one needs server-side rendering anymore. But, thanks to Server Side Rendering, and CORS policies, you can't access VTOP from your browser from any other domain. This is the reason why we need a backend which will act as a proxy. But hey, its open source, and no one is stopping you from hosting yourself if you are paranoid.

(Also, who wants to hack your VTOP anyway. Everyone knows how many backlogs you have.)

vtopcc++ borrows some code from our very own VTOP Android App by @therealsujitk. You are probably aware of his work before you reached here, but if you aren't, you should definitely check it out and show him some love by donating him. Also, captcha solver library is from @Presto412. You also might love to take a look at all the contributors to this project here.

*I wonder if that even matters.

But why?

Why did I make this?

vtopcc+ was built because the author wanted to learn Svelte, and needed a project to work for world peace!